Download and Use Viber for PC or Laptop (Windows and Mac) Free


Many of you are the users of Smartphones. 70% of the smartphones have Viber App Installed in their Smartphones. But its not so convenient to use Viber on Smartphones. It will be convenient to use viber in PC. But its not that easy to download Viber and install it. Thats why i created this tutorial to teach you how to download and use Viber for PC.

Viber for PC

What is Viber?

Viber is the Popular Messaging App for Smartphones. Viber is available for all the popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Etc. Viber allows you to call for your friends for free, Send Messages, Send Emotions, Photos, Stickers, etc.

In today’s world everybody wants to make free calls and send free messages to their friends, But its not possible to call for free and send free messages without Viber app installed in your smartphone.

Using this app you can call PC to PC, PC to Mobile, Mobile to PC.

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Requirement to Download and Use Viber For PC

1. Install Viber on your Smartphone.

2. The person who you want to call or Send Messages must have installed viber app on their Smartphone or PC.

Steps to Download and Use Viber for PC (Windows and Mac) 

1. Install Viber on your Smartphone.

Firstly, You need to install viber on your smartphone, Because when you install viber app on your smartphone it will sync all your contacts and its will send you the verification code.

2. Download Viber for PC

Secondly, Download Viber for PC

3. Install Viber for PC

After Downloading Viber for the appropriate Operating systems, Install it.

Viber For PC

4. Register your Mobile Number on Viber 

After installing viber on your PC, You Need to register your mobile number on Viber.

viber for pc

After Entering the your Mobile Number, Click Continue.

5. Enter Confirmation Code in Viber

After you enter your mobile number and clicked on continue, you will get a message to your mobile number which you enter in viber.

35 How to use Viber on PC (Windows and Mac)

Enter the Confirmation Code and click Enter Viber.

6. Viber is Ready To Use Now

After entering the confirmation code and after clicking enter viber, you are now ready to use viber.

Watch The Video Tutorial

Thats it, If you have any problem in download and using viber for PC, Please Comment below. And Dont forget to share this posts will your friends.