5 Tips to Speed Up Windows 8 (PC/Laptop)


Installed Windows 8 in your PC or Laptop, But the performance or the speed is lacking or Do you want the speed to increase. In this tutorial ill show you 10 Tips to Speed Up Windows 8 for Your PC/Laptop.

Speed Up windows 8


5 Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 8 

1. Close Unnecessary Programs at Windows Startup

Closing Unnecessary Program at the Windows Startup will surly speed up your windows 8 performance.

Follow the steps below to close unnecessary programs at windows startup

  1. Right Click on taskbar and choose Task Manager
  2. In Task Manager Click Startup in the four column
  3. Select the Program, Which you wanted to Close or Disable
  4. And Click Disable


  1. Open Run (Press Win + R)
  2. In Run, Type ‘msconfig’ and press enter
  3. Choose Startup tab
  4. Uncheck the Programs which you want to close.
  5. Click on Apply and Click ok
  6. It will Show a pop-up to Restart
  7. Click Restart and you will see the change once it is restarted.

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2. Change Power Settings

Changing the power settings will speed up your windows 8.

Follow the steps below to change power settings

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Search For Power Option
  3. Check ‘Balanced’

3. Disable Animations 

As we all know that windows 8 has Many Animational Effect for Example When ever we minimize or maxmize we will see animation. This animation Drains Speed Usage

Thus the speed or the performance decreases.

To Disable Animations follow the steps below

  1. Open Run (Press Win + R)
  2. Type ‘Command’ in run and press enter.
  3. In Command Type ‘SystemPropertiesAdvanced’ and press enter.
  4. You will be able to see System Properties with Advanced Tab.
  5. Click Setting button in advanced section.
  6. You can view performance option window.
  7. Now you can uncheck the box of animation which you dont want to see.
  8. Click ok

Speed Up Windows 8

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4. Registry Cleaner 

When ever you install or uninstall a software or a simple program the programs leave behind in the registry keys. Windows reads through all the registry keys every time. These registry keys will take alot of time so it takes time to load your windows 8 PC. You need to clean the registry keys to speed up windows 8.

There are many Software for Registry Cleaner. But CCleaner is the best to speed up windows 8 and to clean all the registry keys.

Follow the steps to clean registry keys with CCleaner.

1. Download CCleaner for Free.

2. After Downloading install it.

3. After installing open it and in the right side corner click registry.

4. After Clicking Registry, Tick or Check all the registry keys option.

5 Click Scan for Issues.

6. Wait for a while , i will take some time to clean the registry.

7. After Scanning, Click Fix Selected Issues.

8. Fix all the issues.

9. And Done.


If you Do all the 5 steps, you windows 8 will rocket speed. But you have to do this for atleast Once In a Month, Specially Registry Cleaning.

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