How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers


Facebook is the No 1 Social networking site. In Facebook everyone share status, images, videos etc. Its is also a place for business, Money transaction, conference etc.. Every day more than 60,000 Facebook account are being hacked by hackers. They steal information about you and send harrshing messages to your friends. In this post I’ll show you how to protect your Facebook account from hackers.

protect facebook account from hackers

1. Keep a Strong Password

This is the important thing that every users should take care of.

  • Dont set your password as your Phone Number, Parents Name, Date Of ┬áBirth, etc.

If you set your password as your phone number, parents name or date of birth, etc, will make your password weak. Its will be very easy for the hackers to hack your account by guessing.

A Strong password must contain atleast 8 Digits with Small letters (a,b,c etc) Big letters (A,B,C etc) Special Characters (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*etc.)

2. Set a Very Strong Security Question

Do you know that 80% of facebook accounts have hacked by the hackers by answering Security Questions. Most of the people lazy people keep their name as the answer and what is your name as the question or parents name or nickname, this will make the hacker easy to hack your account.

  • To set security question goto account setting->Security and change or set a strong security question.

3. Turn On Secure Browsing

Most of the browser have secure browsing enable, In case if you have any worst browser then turned on the secure browsing.

protect facebook account

Steps to turn on secure browsing

1. Goto -> Account Settings

protect your facebook account

2. In the left Click Security Tab.

3. In the security click on Secure Browsing, check the box “Browse Facebook on Secure (HTTPS), Then Save Changes

protect your facebook account



4. Turn on Login Notification

By turning on login notification you will get a message when you or someone login from other device.

1. Go to  login notification and check both the boxes then save changes.

protect your facebook account

5. Dont Fall for Scams

Many Spammer Target Facebook. They try to scam each and every possible way to trap you to hack your account and earn money.

NOTE : Most of scams are Remove facebook ┬áTimeline, check out who looked your profile, earn money in facebook,. etc…..



If you follow all these methods you will surly protect your account from hackers.