Nokia Is Entering Into Tablet Market [Full News]




Nokia, Exclusively a mobile phone company, Nokia has expressed interest in tablet production, however faces some serious roadblocks.

In order to stay competitive, many companies such as Apple and Samsung have joined the tablet battle. Now Nokia is also paying attention. “We’re very interested in tablets, and that’s an area we’re looking at,” stated Jo Harlow, smart devices executive president at Nokia. This interest does not overtly translate into anything palpable, however. Harlow stated that Nokia is “keeping our options open,” and when questioned about any potential products, simply stated that “I don’t have any product news I can share.” This is not the first interest that Nokia has taken in tablets, but it has been a while.

Nokia had some involvement with tablets early in the 2000s, but did not make a move while other companies like Apple took the market by storm. Since then, the mobile phone company has not again pursued tablet computers. And with a current dip in research and development at Nokia (37 percent in 2013’s first quarter, according to a Nokia report), the company may not have the manpower to develop a tablet. This does not necessarily hold true for the future, however. The new Nokia 925 was released in the UK, and the Lumia series is picking up popularity. Even with a research and development lag as well as sluggish revenues in recent quarters, it is not impossible for Nokia to use the Lumia series as a recovery point from which to begin a tablet line int he future.

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