New Girl On The Internet


New Girl on the internet
Hi Everyone, My name is Jamie and I will be writing for you today, no wait that was way too formal. Let me try again. (cough) Hello there, how are you today, my name is Jamie and I will be trying to entertain you with my random articles.  I will be posting (well trying to. Got the world crappy internet provider, AKA Sky) game reviews, old and new, game news and any random stuff I think you guys will enjoy.

Now let me tell you a bit about myself, My Name is Jammy, Age is 22 years, Brunette (All Time Blonde), Dog Lover But Love All Animals, Crazy,  Mistress Assassin,  Lover Of Hugs, Over Size Builder Of Minecraft and Tekkit, Gamer, Lover Of Disney Films, Torchwood Nerd :), Friend to All, Amazing Big Sister. Girlfriend To An Idiot <3, Writer, Reading and Doodler, Star Wars And Star Trek <3, Music Hoarder and am a ALL TIME NERD!!!!!!!! My favourite colour is purple and I do tend to talk to much.

And finally i have a few social media sites that i use a lot. You can get hold of me by any of the following sites
My YouTube –
My Twitter – (this the best one to get me on)
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I hope you enjoy my writing and anything else I post and I look forward to writing to you all again. bye 😀