Transform Your Windows 8 into Mac (Free) (Mac Theme for windows 8)


Everybody own windows systems or computer because it is affordable. But they need Mac. But Mac is not affordable it is expensive. so in this article ill show you how to transform your windows 8 into mac for free using Mac theme. Mac Theme for Windows 8

mac theme for  windows

Transform Windows 8 to Look Like Mac OS

1. Create a Restore Point in your computer

Firstly, You Need to Create a restore point in your computer because while installing mac os theme, if you do something wrong you system will screw up (Crash). So its better to create a restore point in your computer.

To create restore point

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Search For Create a Restore Point.
  3. Open it, It will Pop Up
  4. In Bottom, Above Apply you will see Create . Click on it.
  5. After opening it, it will ask for name, type anything.
  6. and click create.

2. Download Mac Mountain Lion Theme.

You need to download mac mountain lion theme for you windows 8

Mountain Lion (32bit) :

Mountain Lion (64bit) :

3.  Install Mac Mountain Lion Theme.

After downloading it, you have to Install it.

4. Rebooting 

After installing mac mountain lion theme you have to reboot or restart the Computer to see the changes.


After rebooting you will be surprised to see your desktop, because it will be transformed into Mac. i hope you like the post on Mac Theme for Windows 8

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