10 Steps to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog/Website


10 Steps to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is very important to search engines, advertisers,etc. Alexa ranking is given more importance as much as Google Page Rank. Alexa rank also helps to improve your SERPs. That why iam gonna teach you how to increase alexa rank to dominate google.

Increase Alexa Rank

Factors which estimate your alexa rank

  • You will increase your alexa rank only by traffic under the system of alexa.
  • The website and blog, who post article about blogging and technology will surly increase alexa rank.

10 Steps to Increase Alexa Rank

1. Install Alexa tool bar.

You have to install alexa tool bar and ask all your friends to install it.

2. Claim Your Site in Alexa.

To get and verified to gain full control over your site. This will lets others know that who owns the site and increase alexa rank.

3. Install Alexa Widget in Your blog.

As you know that alexa only counts traffic under their system. It is very neccessary to install alexa widget in your blog to increase alexa rank.

4. Write a post About Alexa in your site.

Write a post about alexa and link back to alexa.com

5. Get traffic from blogger and techy guys.

You have to get traffic from blogger and techy guys, Because they will have install alexa tool bar in their browser.

6. Update your blog regularly.

It is best to write posts and update your blog frequently to increase your alexa rank.

7. Write High Quality Content.

As all you know that “Content is King” Writting high quality content will help you to increase your alexa rank.

8. Backlinks

You need to have high quality backlinks. You need high quality sites link to you.

9. Share you article on social networking site.

Share your articles on social networking site to get traffic and also a backlinks.

10. Social Bookmark your articles.

Bookmark your articles on high quality social bookmarking sites. You not only get traffic from whose site but you will receive a backlink.