How to Increase IDM download speed using IDM Optimizer


Are you fed-up of very slow download speed in your Internet Download Manger (IDM). The download speed is like 40kbps or 30kbps. I’ll show you how to increase idm download speed using IDM optimizer.

Internet Download Manager (IDM)  is the most popular download manager. It help the users to download the files 2x faster than normal download managers.

If you dont have Internet Download Manager (IDM) download it here :


Features of IDM Optimizer

  1.  Easy to use.
  2.  Boosts download speed by 5 times of normal speed.
  3. Consumes Less Space.
  4. Very lightweight software.
  5. Elegant interface.
  6. Enables Proxy Connections.

Follow my steps to increase IDM download Speed Using IDM optimizer

1. Download and Install IDM Optimizer

To Increase IDM download speed you have to download IDM Optimizer and install it. Download load it  Here :

2. Open IDM Optimizer

After downloading IDM Optimizer, it will be in rar format extract it. and open IDM optimizer.

3. Click Optimize IDM

After opening IDM Optimizer, Click on OptimizeIDM Button! After click it will say Success!

4. Restart Your IDM


You have restart you idm to the changes to occur.

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