How to Capture a Screenshot Directly in Windows 8 [No Downloading/Installing]


This will show you how to capture a screenshot of everything on your main display and have it instantly saved as a PNG file directly into your C:\Users\(user-name)\Pictures\Screenshots folder without having to do anything else in Windows 8. You could also view the saved screenshot in your Pictures library.

Here’s How:

1. Press the Windows + Print Screen (PrtScn) keys and release.
NOTE: For laptops and notebooks, you may need to press either the Windows+Ctrl+PrtScn orWindows+Fn+PrtScn keys instead.

2. You may notice the screen quickly dim and return back to normal as a snapshot of the main display is captured as a screenshot.
NOTE: You will not always have the screen quickly dim though.


3. The screenshot is now saved in your C:\Users\(user-name)\Pictures\Screenshots folder named asScreenshot (#).png with # indicating the screenshot index counter. Each screenshot you take increases the counter # by one.

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