Fiverr Review – Legit or Scam



Hi guys. In this post iam gonna do a Fiverr Review and conclude wheater its legit or scam.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a Global online Marketplace offering services and tasks for $5. Entrepreneurs and freelancers use Fiverr to offer more than 324 services categorized in 13 categories and 115 sub-categories. Customers needing services can use Fiverr’s search or surprise me functions to find and commission services directly through the site.


How does Fiverr Offer?

In Fiverr their are 2 main option that is “Buying” And “Selling”. More than 1.3 million services or Gigs in fiverr. It ranges from graphics designings like Webpage Designing, Logo Designing, Wallpaper Designing, Banner Designing etc. Gifts gigs like Greeting cards making, Video Greeting, Unusall Gifts etc. Video And Animation gigs like Commercial, Intro, Video Editing Etc. Online marketing gigs like Web Analysis, SEO, Get Traffic, Social Media Promotion Etc. Wrtting and Translation Gigs like Copy writing, Blog writing, Reviews etc.  Advertising gigs like flyers, Social media promoting, holding your sign, Music Promotion, Banner advertising. Programming and Tech gigs Like C#, java, C++,etc.  Music And Audio gigs like lyrics writting, singing song, rape songs, etc. Funny and Bizzare gigs like pranks, dance, just for fun. Lifestyle gigs like Weight Lose, Grow Tall, Hair Loss, etc.

Fiverr Categories


In this Conclusion iam saying that Fiverr Is 100% Legit,  No doubt in that.

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