How to Become a Computer Genius [5 Steps] [ebooks included]


Hi Guys, In this post i will show you how to become a computer genius or geek.

Follow these step to be a computer genius

1. Work On Your Computer and learn about the functions

When you click on a button or a file in your computer, think how it open when you click and learn about the functions.

2. Buy All These Advanced Ebooks Written By The Great Computer Geniuses To Become A Computer Genius

3. Understand The Concept Of The Computers [Buy This Ebook]


4. Learn Programming Languages Like C, C++, Java etc

Learning Programming Languages can help you become a conputer expert or genius

If You Dont Complete This Steps And If You Think it Is Expensive. Then You Have To Concentrated In 5 Step.

5. Join A Computer Institution Near By Your House, But This Will Be Very Expensive And Time. Better Complete All The Four Steps Above For The Best.


  • Take Break After Every One Hour or Half An Hour.
  • Dont Use Computer For Long Time, It Can Affect Your Eyes And Even The Computer becomes hot and shutsdown.
  • Use The Computer After Your Homeworks.
  • Download An Antivirus¬†To Protect Your Computer From Viruses And Malwares.

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