Change Facebook Background in Google Chrome for free


Change Facebook Background

How to change the facebook background

Hi guys, In this post i’ll show you how to change facebook background for chrome users.

Facebook is a evolutionary social network site and we spend most of the time in facebook but the defualt background is boring rite. You must be wondering how to change the background in facebook, but you fail, because facebook doesnt allows the users to change the background. but there is a google chrome app which allow you to change the background of your facebook.

Follow these steps below to change the background in Facebook

1. Goto : to add the app to your browser.

change background image in facebook

2. After adding the app in your chrome browser, open the app page, You’ll see a list of backgrounds.

change the facebook background

3. After opening the app, Click Install on any of the backgrounds.

4. After installing, goto : and check weather the background is install or not.

That’s it, if you have any problem please comment, if this worked for you, please subscribe and share it with your friends.