How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 8


Blue Screen Error is one the most facing problem by every windows 8 users. It is commonly called as BlueScreen of Death (DSOD). A blue screen error is always a hardware or driver related problem.

blue screen error

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Solutions of this blue screen error in windows 8

1. Restart your computer/laptop

Restarting your computer or laptop may help you to solve this problem, if your lucky enough. Try this.

2. Clean the Registries

Registries are one the most important part of your computer, these are used to store settings of your Computer/laptop to run smoothly. But if any problems in your registries will surly crash your system.

To clean the registries in your system you have to download a registry cleaner. According to me wise registry cleaner is the best.

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3. Malfunctioning of softwares

There are some software which can crash your computer. So it is important to ensure that your computer runs smoothly. Running of softwares with virus or malware can lead to crash and the blue screen will appear.

Remove all the unwanted softwares in your system. This will help you in to recover your windows 8 back.

4. Improper Shutingdown

Many people shutdown their system improperly, even i sometimes shut it down improperly. Dont do it. Doing so will decrease your computer’s life. So dont shut it down improperly. So dont shut it down improperly. Use proper way of shuting down.

5. Disable unwanted startup programs

Enabling many startup programs will surly crash your computer and blue screen will appear.

To disable startup programs

  • Open Task Manager.
  • In Task Manager you will see in the above menus you will see startup Click startup menu.
  • Select the software which you want to disable
  • And click disable button in the bottom.








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    • Guest

      I know it repeats to “shut down properly” but does not explain how ha! But I’m guessing that you have to do it manually by going to the top right corner of the screen and clicking on settings and then click shut down, oposed to just pressing the power button

  • Stanley

    You are the best. Thanks for helping. It worked and my PC is running awesome now.

    Благодазрia – much love from Russia.

  • Marco

    I have a problem when im playing League Of Legends,, If im in Mid-Game then my pc shutsdown and i get the blue screen? How do i fix it… somebody tell plz