How to Block Adult Site Or Pron Site Using Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security


Hi guys. In this post i will tech you How to Block Adult Site Or Pron Site Using Kaspersky Antivirus Or Internet Security, This Works In Every Version Of Kaspersky.

Blocking adult site is the best way for you or your children to avoid the habit of watching it again.

Follow these steps to block adult site or pron site using kaspersky antivirus/internet security.

1. Firstly Download And Install Kaspersky Antivirus, or see my post on how to download and install kaspersky antivirus/internet security [Ignore this if you already installed it]

2. Open The Software

3. And you will see a set of options below the kaspersky antivirus/internet security [Like This]

4. Click Parent Control.

5. Its asks you enter a password.

6. After Entering The Password, Your Parental account will be generated and you have to enable it, click enable button [like this]

That’s It. Your Computer is Safe Now.

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