Transform Your Android Device into iPhone 5s for Free (Easy)


Many of the android users dream of getting a iphone 5s. But we all know that iphone is abit expensive smartphone. So many like Middile Class Family dont have enough money to buy iphone 5s and they finally buy a cheap android smartphone. Even i was in the same condition and finally i got to know that we can change or transform our android device into iphone 5s for free.

Android into iPhone 5s

Transform Your Android Device into iPhone 5s 

1. Download Espier Launcher

You need to download Espier Launcher to get  and change the theme as iPhone 5s. Espier Launcher is a iPhone 5s or iOS 7 Launcher Theme.

Click Here to Download Espier

2. Install Espier 

After downloading Espier laucher and install espier launcher in your android device.

3. Open Espier

After you download and install espier, open espier after you open it the theme will be applied. But it wont be 100% iPhone 5s Look. To Make it 100% iPhone 5s Look or if you want to transform your android device into iphone 5s 100% you need to download the listed the apps in espier like the icons, Apps, Etc.

If You Want to Return again to Android

  1. Goto Settings.
  2. Open Applications.
  3. Open Manage Applications.
  4. In Downloaded Section, Search for espier launcher and click uninstall.

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  • someshl

    yeah apple love everywhere. I think it is the best guide to transform your android device to apple latest iPhone 5S…..
    If anyone want a iPhone 5S for cheap then follow this guide

    • shabarish balaji

      Thanks alot sir.

    • Shabarish Balaji

      Thanks alot Sir