Top 5 Best Android Antivirus for Mobile/Tablet for Free


Many of the android phones gets virus soon because most of them do know use antivirus software/program.  In this post I’ll show you the top 5 best android antivirus. Its works for both mobile and tablet and its free.

android antivirus

1. AVG Antivirus For Android

android antivirus

AVG Antivirus Is Ranked 1st Place By BlazeTechTeam and other sources. Its is a free android app.

  • It protects you android mobile from viruses, malware and trojans.
  • Its have some awesome features like SMS Scanner, Task Killer, Anti Thief
  • Its Protects your mobile while using internet

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2. LookOut Mobile Android Antivirus

Android antivirus

Lookout mobile antivirus is one of the best android antivirus. It keeps your android mobile and tablet safe. You can run the antivirus when were you want. It’s also a feature to protect your android device when your using internet. It also provides some features like Antithief, backup, etc.

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3. Avast Mobile Security

android antivirus

Avast Mobile Security is Develop By Avast Inc. It will protect your android device from Virus, Malware and trojans.  It has similar functions like Block Action, Anti Thief, Etc..

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4. Dr. Web Antivirus Light

Android Antivirus

Dr. Web Anti-Virus light has a special feature that it will protect your android device from virus, Malware, Trojans and spyware. This will help you to increase your battery life by optimize your android devices. This will not affect your Operating System also.

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5. Zoner Antivirus

Android Antivirus

Zoner antivirus is the most powerful application for your android devices. But its has a disadvantage that i will suck all your battery life. It also has a similar functions only like Anti-Thief, Blocked. It will protect your android device from malware.

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