5 Best Ways to Promote PPD Links [Pay Per Download]


5 Best Ways to Promote PPD Links [Pay Per Download]  😛

promote ppd links Hi guys, Many of the people suffer to promoted their PPD links right? But i have a solution for that. I am legendary earner in PPD.

Note : This methods works in all the networks for example fileice, sharecash, etc

1. YouTube Method

Promote PPD Links

This is the best for newbies/beginners to start. This is one of the easiest way to earn lot of money. 1. Create a YouTube account : click here 2. Create the username as your  niche name for Example, If you niche is about hacking Facebook then make the username as hackfacebook154, facebookhacker187. Because this will rank high in search results. 3. Create a good video in movie maker or do a screen cast using camtasia or screencast-O-matic. 4. Put the PPD link the description, watermark the link in video. 5. Share the video in social marketing site like Facebook, twitter, or advertise it.

2. Blogging Method

Promote PPD Links

This is also an awesome method your earn a lot of money. But you have invest some money like $20.

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1. Buy a Domain name

Domain name is World Wide Web Identification. Domain names are very useful, because people will believe that your link is a trusted link, because you have a domain name. For example .com, .net, .org,.info,etc.

Click on the image to buy a domain, just for $3.98 for one year.

Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

2. Buy Web Hosting

Web hosting is a storage to store your website in the cloud or server. Buying a web hosting from a best company is very important. Because when you buy a worst company, then your site will be always down.


3. Install WordPress in your Hosting’s Cpanel.

This is again an important point. There are main blogging platform, but WordPress is the best, because its has Unique feature like plugins, SEO, etc.

Download it : http://wordpress.org/download/ Or If you’re hosting is in hostgator, their will be a single click WordPress install, Then install it.

4. Install SEO Friendly Theme

Installing a SEO Friendly Theme is very important to rank your website in the first page of Google, If you rank in first page, then you will get many downloads.

Elegant themes SEO Friendly Themes.

5. Learn SEO

SEO – Search Engine optimisation. It is very important if you need more sales.

Learning SEO Is not an easy task. You need to learn from a Pro SEO

Fill this form Learn SEO

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3. Article Publishing

Promote PPD Links

Article Publishing is again a very good method to earn $$$$. Because there are many Article Publishing site. Whatever you post in these site, they will surely rank, Because they are High authority sites.

List of Article Publishing sites.

1. Squidoo

2. Ezine Articles

3. Go Articles

4. Article City

5. Buzzle

Add your PPD links in the articles.

4. Forum Posting

Promote PPD Links

This is a Tricky Method, Because Most of the forum moderators doesnt allow you to promote PPD links, because they think that they are spam.

But 30% of the forum will allow this,

If You niche is about “Free Dota 2 Key”, Then search for the forums, which has the niche of dota 2, register their and post.

5. Social Networking Sharing

promote PPD Links

This is very easy for most of them. Because we all use Facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. I Use Facebook, twitter and google plus.

1. Facebook Method

I know that your always online in Facebook. Facebook has 1.1 billion users using Facebook per month, that a great number.

1. Create a Facebook fan page in your niche name.

2. Ask All your friends to join, and ask them to referral their friends. If you do this your page will grow.

3. Share the PPD link in your Facebook page.

2. Twitter Method

Twitter is also a rapid growing social networking site.

1. Create an account in twitter.

2. Ask all your friends to join and say them to tweet it in their twitter account.

3. Tweet the link in your twitter account.


If you follow all these method you will surly earn a hell lot of money.


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